The Innovation Generation is a coalition of leaders in business, telecommunications, energy, technology, STEM education and media working to improve diversity in America through innovative thinking and the use of  broadband technologies.


Our goal is to engage in dialogue about the transformative power of broadband technology and explore the multitude of ways in which advanced communication technologies can change lives.  Through our engagement, we strive to foster an environment of ingenuity and collaboration and are working to  promote greater diversity within America’s high-growth industries, including the media, communications, energy and technology sectors – all growing industries in which minorities are currently underrepresented.


Access to broadband technology = greater opportunity.  Innovation Generation places partisan differences aside and focuses on finding ways to improve how broadband technology can empower more Americans and help grow our nation’s diversity and inclusion efforts in the years to come.  As the world continues to depend more and more on the Internet, we must ensure that all Americans are reaping the benefits that broadband technology has to offer so that all have the chance of achieving the American dream.


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